Pondering products

Neons or not? That is the question for this morning. If you look on the packaging of some of them it states ‘not for cosmetic use’. Hmmmm… how confusing is that?

Here are some very interesting articles regarding the FDA Food & Drug Authority with regard to face painting products. I highly recommend you read it. I’m still a bit confused if I’m honest, but in a way that sums up the whole thing about face painting!



How safe are products? What age should we paint children? If it is 2 or 3 years old, then why? Perhaps more research needs to be done, or, perhaps we should keep the status quo and just remember that is is just a bit of fun for children. I sometimes hear people saying, “Oooo you can never be too careful”. Well, I think you can be too careful. We could remove all the risks from life, and not put any paint on our skin. Risk assessment is the key. For the thousands of children we paint, there will be a minuscule percentage of children that have some kind of reaction. Is this a good enough reason to stop painting altogether? Of course not, so we just have to take a bit of care, talk to the parents and children and minimise the risks where we can. If using certain paints or colours, suggest that it is removed fairly soon and not left on overnight, perhaps that is a sensible answer.

I for one don’t want to end up with the rules and regulations that the MUA’s have to abide by.

Another bit of sad news is that my lovely dog Tina died today. She was 14 years 9 months.  A great age for the most wonderful dog ever. It is quite incredible what effect a dog has on one’s life. 🙁