New Façade Academy classes announced for the autumn term

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I’m sorry it’s taken so long, but I’m so pleased to be offering more classes this term.  Lots of feedback from previous classes has encouraged me to keep growing and expanding the Facade Academy.

We have what everyone needs – Butterflies, boys, one strokes, airbrush and lots more.

I will of course do private tuition, or with just a couple of people – I’ll drive across the country or jump on a plane to come and teach, demonstrate or simply paint!

What a smile!  That's what we want. :)
What a smile! That’s what we want. 🙂

Apprentice Days

I recently ran a one-to-one class at the Façade Academy. It is a great way to learn if you can’t attend one of my group classes. It was delightfully flexible and I was able to answer such specific queries and truly meet the needs of the individual concerned.

Obviously it means that we can arrange a mutually convenient time and date, be it evening or weekend.  I don’t mind short notice changes if there are childcare issues. On the whole throughout the term-time I can be flexible. I do charge a little more, but the benefits are excellent.

I also run what I call ‘Apprentice Days’ this is during my seasonal weeks at the Zoo when a new inexperienced painter can shadow me and observe and may have a chance to paint some faces. It is like watching an all-day demonstration and get to see how I handle the children, the parents, answering questions from all-comers, how fast I go, what requests are made and how I deal with troublesome clients! In all, it is an extremely enlightening day. If appropriate, I can advertise the fact that there is a trainee painter in attendance and, for a smaller fee, the child can be painted by her. I then can watch and guide through each face.

I charge a fee for the ‘Apprentice Days’, but it is invaluable experience and can give a new painter real confidence in taking on their first painting job.

Paradise Jam is on 17 February 2014

Any of you face and body painters interested in attending the Paradise Jam which takes place at Paradise Wildlife Park, Broxbourne, Herts – have a look here for more details:

Starting out

A new year and a new blog!  Whoo-hoo!

I’m a face and body painter and I do so much other stuff related to art – murals, signwriting, glitterart, henna and, of course, teaching the art at my school of face painting and body art.

I’ve been painting faces and bodies for over 23 years now since my children were born. I started like so many of us – at the local NCT fund-raising event. I then got completely hooked. Face painting led to body painting, then it was onwards and upwards!

Just for today, here is a link to a book which is full of pages and pages outlines of bodies. It means there is always a ready sketch book for you to quickly get your ideas down on to paper.   I recommend a pencil case with some colouring pencils, preferably the ones which are water smudgable!  Caran d’Ache is a make I remember. Here is the Swiss site, but I know they are available all over.

Useful book for sketching body paint ideas.
Front cover of the sketch book.
Front cover of the sketch book.

This shows the back of the well-used book, with the website.

Useful book for sketching body paint ideas.
Useful book for sketching body paint ideas.

Have lots of fun practising!