Have your portrait taken in Paradise this week

w3 -JB2-at-PWP

On-the-spot animal prints

John Brough of Alternative-Portraits makes a welcome return to Paradise Wildlife Park this week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (12, 14 & 15 April). He’ll be at my face-painting cabin to take your photo and make prints for you on the spot, with a choice of fantastic jungly backgrounds to complement your new persona as a tropical butterfly or a big cat.

To see more of John’s work, check out Alternative-Portraits Photography on Facebook.

June half-term week

What a non-stop week!

Half term is now over and every day I was at Paradise Wildlife Park painting endless queues of children and adults – apart from the rainy days.  But even then – the Brits are pretty stalwart and came out in their coach-loads braving the weather in macs and wellies! Paint the face and keep the hood up! 🙂

John Brough from Alternative Portraits will be sharing the booth with me, taking photographs and editing and printing on the spot!  High speed beautiful pictures with a joke and a smile! I will be showing some of his work soon.

In the meantime, here are a few of my own photos of some beauties who came to visit. 🙂

A squawk!
A squawk!
Beautiful pair of flower girls!
Beautiful pair of flower girls!
Eye catching family!
Eye catching colourful family!
A fake 'sleeve' made up on the spot - using Colorini Temporary Tattoo ink - last 3 or more days.
A fake ‘sleeve’ made up on the spot  – using Colorini Temporary Tattoo ink – lasts for 3 or more days.