Façade Academy’s Big Day!

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I have a wonderful double life as a face painter…

… I’m a free-range, freelance painter and teacher, and I’m also Principal of Façade Academy of Face and Body Art. And it’s with that second hat on that I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along to the Façade Academy Open Day on Friday at the lovely Boxmoor Playhouse in Hemel Hempstead. Old friends and new painters – from the feedback I have had you all seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed it. People said how friendly everyone was and how welcome they felt after initially feeling nervous on arrival.

I think the #FPQT Face Painters Question Time was very useful and interesting – getting the views of not only of the panel, but the audience too. Some really good and pertinent questions were asked –  ranging from how to set up a self-employed business to what age to paint children. It’s definitely something I’ll repeat again – perhaps at the next Paradise Jam? Thanks to Zoe Thornbury-Phillips and Sara Reynolds for stepping in and Georgina Todd for compering. I did a few demonstrations of basic skills and many of you said how much you learned from just that hour. Behind the scenes as every my right-hand woman and all round fantastic support Manda Forster for doing everything needed!  If anyone wants to check out the current term’s schedule of classes, please look on the website:  facadeacademy.co.uk