Birthday parties

Birthday Parties

What is it about January and February?  Face painters all over the UK join in having a fairly quiet couple of months. The rest of the year face painting is a very popular form of entertainment for their children’s parties!  Bouncy castles, indoor play areas, perhaps an entertainer, disco and a face painter, sandwiches and jelly, (ok perhaps it’s chicken nuggets and cup cakes now!)!  Yes – the well-tried formula for a children’s birthday party.  

But what happens in these bleak winter months – were fewer children born in these short daylight hour’d months? Why are we not booked now as much as other months?

It’s all about speed at children’s parties, pleasing as many as you can while keeping the quality! We are also our own advertisement at each event so need to show off our own skills to the best. So striking the balance is the key!

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