The 2014 Paradise Jam is less than a week away

Just like the real thing, but cheaper!
Just like the real thing, but cheaper!

At the Paradise Jam, as well as lots of face painting, body decoration and henna, there will be a competition for Glitterart! This art form is growing so quickly!  It is perfect for those children who don’t like to be painted – yes they do exist!  Excellent for summer parties in the swimming pool or at the beach, or just when children like to copy their parents and big brothers and sisters and have their own tattoo. The beauty of these is they go away! Yes – like wallpaper or the coloured bathroom suite it goes in and out of fashion – same goes for the real tattoos.

I don’t know what you all think about permanent tattoos, I just feel slightly sorry for those who have them done on a whim or during a slightly drunken weekend – then they are stuck with them. Lifestyles change throughout our lives, we move into different jobs, take up new hobbies, chances come our way, but if tattoos limit you or take away that chance then it is sad. Once a sleeve is inked, that is it, the majority of the population put you in a box… Wrongly I know, but it happens. However, I do accept that in a few years the majority of the 18–40 year olds of the UK will be inked and therefore it will be the norm rather than unusual, therefore at 70, 80 or 90 years old in the nursing homes,  it will be seen as common!

If you fancy getting your own kit to create a temporary glitter tattoo, then go to Facade Bodyart and buy all the glue, glitter and stencils that you want. I have tried so many different makes and always come back to the quality and beautiful designs that Ybody produce. The Pink Glue, developed in Hollywood for the professional make up artists there,  is the strongest for temporary tattoos.  It will generally last for 5 days anything up to 2 weeks if well cared for.  But it is still washable, so you can swim, shower and bath!

glitter tat art deco back

When doing freehand body decoration with glue and glitter, then it is slightly different, you need a glue which will remove more easily, preferably the same night! Then I recommend something like Mouldlife, which is water based.