Paradise Jam 2014

Well – I can’t believe how the weeks have flown. Here I am in March already!  February is traditionally a very quiet month for face painting work, therefore we tend to organise Jams and other gatherings at this time.  Consequently I have been pretty non-stop since the Paradise Jam and haven’t done a proper report on it. 🙂

Following the Paradise Jam I went up to Showzam in Blackpool and was put on stage to do a demonstration of a Glitter Tattoo as well as some face painting designs.  Showzam was a fantastic event sponsored by the Pleasure Beach who provided a £200 prize for the winning face in the competition!  I was lucky enough to win that last year!

Following that was a successful weekend at the FACE (the International Face Painting Association) conference.  More news to follow!  But do have a look at their new website – all sparkly, bright and new!